The Ultimate Guide to Plan a Wedding in 5 Months

wedding plannerCongratulations! Finally, you are engaged and going to get hitched with your beloved soon. The curiosity you have to marry soon is understandable but you also have to ensure not to take enormous stress while thinking about how will you plan your wedding in such a short span of time? There are a lot of tasks involved in a wedding planning and blunders in any one of them can ruin your most special day completely.

So, the big question mark here is how to plan for a wedding expeditiously? Hiring best wedding planners in Bangalore is one option you have to consider to fasten up the wedding planning process. But there are some tasks that you have to do by yourself. In this post, we are going to state some quintessential points that will help you to brace up and plan your wedding in 5 months.

Month 1

Setup Budget – Doesn’t matter how grand or small you want a wedding to be, if you don’t have a pre-defined budget, it is going to be a horrendous affair. Before making any call to the vendors, set up a budget and allocate it for every task.

Wedding Invitations – As you know your wedding is only 4-5 months away, it’s high time to print stunning wedding invitations and send them to the guests. Always pick a supplier who can rapidly cater to your requirements. In the case of DIY wedding invitations, you should start making them immediately.

Month 2

Venue – In the 2nd month, locking a wedding venue should be at the top of your to-do list. Finding a bodacious wedding venue takes time. The more you delay in booking a wedding venue, more the number of excellent wedding venues will go out of your hand.

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist – As soon as the wedding season begins the demand of professional makeup artists and hairstylists touch the sky. It is advisable to book them 3-4 months prior to the wedding so that you don’t have to hustle in the last moments.

Month 3

Wedding Dress – Now you are done with the salient tasks, it’s high time to take care of the most drool-worthy piece of your wedding i.e. the wedding outfit. Take some time out of your super busy schedule and choose wedding outfits for the various events. Try every outfit meticulously so that alterations could be done on time if required.

Jewelry – A wedding outfit is lackluster without the right wedding jewelry. With most of the major tasks are taken care of, you have ample time to select stunning wedding pieces of jewelry that resonate with your wedding outfit.

Month 4

Personal Care – Do you want to look dull, stressful, and unappealing in your wedding album? Obviously not! In the cluster of wedding planning tasks, don’t forget to take care of your personal well being, physically and mentally. Do yoga, running, meditation or any other activity that keeps stress away and you in pristine condition.

Wedding Dance – Your big day is not far away and you already have a lot of things to worry about, don’t make your wedding dance one of it. Start preparing for wedding dance so that you can give a stellar performance like bridesmaids and flabbergast your beloved as well.

Month 5

Final Touch – You already have taken care of all the aspects now it’s time to keep check of the wedding preparation. Contact with your vendors, makeup artist, and hairstylist to confirm the work status and remind them to pursue the tasks as you have told them to do. Take some breathe, relax, and gear up yourself for the most special day of your life.

To plan a wedding within a limited time span, you need to be calm, flexible, and agile.  In addition to that, to hire professional wedding vendors, you can take the help of online wedding market like Shaadidukaan where best wedding vendors of the country are available for the wedding planning at an affordable price.